We build furniture to last several lifetimes—a piece should provide service for at least as long as it took the tree to grow. — Thos. Moser

Dedicated to Sustainability in All We Do

Moser furniture is built for living and made to last—attributes that befit the number of hours spent using it. Our furniture is enhanced over time.

Our commitment to sustainability is also exemplified by our choice of materials. The hardwoods we use are sustainably harvested from Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Plateau, only 350 miles from our shop. (By contrast, it is not unusual for furniture sold in America to log up to 35,000 miles in its journey from the forest to the final home.)

We expend considerable effort in selecting and buying premium lumber and are confident that sustainable harvesting practices are used in their processing. Many of our forest operators are certified by either the Forest Stewardship Council or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative; lumber from others is cut on federal lands and, as such, is sustainably harvested. We avoid exotic hardwoods because we have no way of knowing how those tropical forests are being exploited.


We finish all of our furniture (except those pieces that require coloring or increased water resistance) by applying natural finishes. First we polish each piece with two coats of hot, boiled linseed oil (extracted from flax, the fiber used to making linen). Once dry, we apply two coats of wax made from carnauba beans and beeswax. The ancient process of adding an oil and wax finish leaves the environment very much intact and our consciences clear.


We take pride in giving wood a second life where it can serve the need