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St.Timothy's School Dixon Hall

After first being introduced three years ago at the National Association of Independent Schools, Moser Contract has been working closely with St. Timothy’s School, an elite boarding school serving girls in 9-12 offering the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma program. We recently completed the furniture installation for the school’s most ambitious building project to-date.  The new academic building located in Stevenson, Maryland houses the school’s library, teachers offices, lounges, and learning spaces.

For this project the full breadth of our capabilities were exercised, having assisted the school and the architectural firm with space planning, custom furniture design,  sourcing, technology solutions, comprehensive project management from conception to post-installation, and in alumnae development support.

Our product was specified throughout the various areas of the new building.  For the library we built custom tables, Readers Chairs engraved with the St. Timothy’s School logo on the chair crests, as well as a large circulation desk which anchors the room.  The World Language Center was outfitted with custom carrels built for the latest technology.  In several classrooms custom-designed Harkness-style seminar tables were crafted to encourage the collaborative style of learning endorsed by the school. The Archives Room was likewise filled with comfortable lounge seating our Wing Chairs.  A dramatic Astral Bench offers seating in the impressive Hall of Flags.  Lastly we assisted the school in designing and sourcing a wall hanging with the school’s crest inlayed which is now proudly displayed over the library’s fireplace.

In the summer of 2012, as a kick off to the production process on this large job and to provide a valuable learning opportunity to the students who would later use the furniture,  10 students and the school’s headmaster journeyed to Maine for a week at our workshop and took part in building some of their own furniture pieces.

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To support this once-in-a-lifetime project, Moser launched the Legacy Chair Program which offered alumnae and friends of the school the opportunity to purchase identical chairs to those that now sit in the newly completed library.  For every chair purchased, a donation was made to  the school’s Campaign for Excellence. 

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The finer details of this custom classroom and library furniture include:

  • Laser-engraving on our Readers Chairs
  • Custom seminar study tables
  • Custom circulation desk
  • Custom carrels with power hookups
  • Inlayed wall hanging with school crest
  • End panels and top canopies for book stacks
  • Nessen-sourced study lamps
  • National Seating Reno chairs with Moser built swivel tablets

Project Specifications




The Slam Collaborative
Randy Stevens, Head of School

Products Used


  • Inlayed school crests
  • Laser-engraved chairs
  • Custom carrels with power hookups
  • Custom magazine rack
  • 13.5” circulation desk
  • Harkness-inspired seminar tables with pull-out work surfaces
  • Podium with inlayed school seal
  • Custom teachers desk
  • Custom Darling table with dividers

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