Notes from the Floor: Penn Medicine Commemorative Cane and Chair Collaboration

Our association with Penn Medical began through a long, productive working partnership with the University of Pennsylvania. Over the years, the Moser Contract team has crafted furniture for a number of projects at the Ivy League institution, including the successful design and installation of furniture at its five-story Van Pelt Library.

In recent years, that relationship gave us entrée to Penn Medicine, where Dr. Scott Levin, a longtime Thos. Moser residential customer, serves as Chair of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Working with Dr. Levin, the Moser Contract team designed installations for Penn Medicine’s executive suites, and for a variety of academic settings at the renowned medical school.

Recently, to celebrate Penn Medical’s upcoming 250th anniversary, Dr. Levin enlisted the Moser Team to design a commemorative walking cane. While the request was out of the ordinary, we welcomed the opportunity to translate our craftsmanship skills to the task before turning our attention to a commemorative chair that will eventually be used throughout the Penn Medicine system.

Our craftsmen relished the project, and produced a simple, elegant walking cane that fits comfortably within the Thos. Moser vernacular. With Dr. Levin, we’ll proudly unveil the cane during The Philadelphia Antiques Show, which runs from April 26th through April 29th. Proceeds from the sale of the cane will benefit efforts to establish the Penn Center of Human Performance.

While the cane is a departure from our day-to-day work at Moser Contract, we always welcome the opportunity to meet the needs of our clients. And like so many Moser Contract projects, the commemorative cane represents the best of what we do – working closely with clients to make vision a reality.