Shop Notes from Tom

In the wake of the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden held in February, we look back to Tom’s visit to the same show over 30 years ago:

“Some years ago Mary and I were the only Americans to show furniture at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in Copenhagen. The theme that year was “As Time Goes By”—alluding not to Casablanca, but to the fact that “Danish Modern” was strongly influenced over the years by precursors, especially American Shaker and other “primitive” forms. The Scandinavians immediately saw that heritage revealed in our work.

The early designs of the Shakers, the English Arts and Crafts movement and, to some extent, the German Bauhaus of the 1920s share an overarching commitment to function, unity of form, the avoidance of ornament, a deeply held reverence for the material used, and the work of the human hand.

These values play a key role in the designs of Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers.  It should not be surprising that our first workshop was in the same Maine village as that of the last living Shaker community at Sabbathday Lake. We were, and continue to be, woodworkers who express these values in our furniture. We hold to the notion that the best design is incremental and flows from the past. An understanding and appreciation of those who have gone before informs all that we do.” – Tom