Intentional Hardwood

Our passion and commitment starts in the soil. The properties of our premium, hand-selected American hardwoods inspire Moser beliefs for both our design approach and final product. Using only this high grade lumber imbues in our product timelessness and premium quality to endure both aesthetically and physically.

Stewardship in the Natural Sustainability of American Hardwoods

American hardwood has been recognized by groups from the United States Congress to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for its natural sustainability both as a resource and a material. Our hardwood species are hand-selected and overseen by Moser’s in-house forester trained with more than 40 years of experience to ensure the establishment, growth, composition, health and quality of forests. We extract this naturally regenerating resource from the Northeast yielding materials harvested with long time – many family-owned – partners to ultimately arrive in Moser’s own rough mill. The American hardwoods used by Thos. Moser naturally adhere to the AIA 2030 Commitment “to achieve a carbon neutral built environment by the year 2030.”

Premium Materials: A Message from Thos. Moser’s Tim McIntyre, Bachelor of Science in Forestry

Selection happens as a function of purpose. Since success at Thos. Moser begins in the forests from which we carefully harvest our wood, we have worked long and hard to cultivate the right relationships with the mills that supply us. These valued partners understand who we are, the values we stand for regarding that precious resource, and the aspirations we hold for the beauty and the life of our furniture. We are very selective about the material choices we make and, together with our partners, are ever mindful of the land, the soil and its future beyond our own.

At Thos. Moser, we take a long view of the life of our furniture. We know what endures, and our joy is in the selection of the wood, whether cherry, walnut, ash, maple, or oak and its elevation through craftsmanship. The value of that selection process is then realized by our customers through the joinery of those pieces; pieces that are so well conceived they can span years, age gracefully and powerfully, and have a glowing patina of memory from one generation to the next. Permanence, to us, is indeed the worth and value of our material resource.