Pacific Standing Table

The Pacific Standing Table provides a strong functional solution and an understated aesthetic suitable for a variety of applications and environments. Whether Hospitality, Workspace, or even Healthcare, this piece will feel comfortable, and satisfy a range of uses, in any context. The technology employed is variable and can be specified to include any combination of outlets, USB, etc. and is mounted on a rail below the surface for easy access while being concealed enough to avoid being a focal point.

The solid black walnut wood used here is sustainably harvested. The construction employed is that of traditional woodworking such as a through wedged tenon and several housed mortise and tenon joints. The construction is an expression of our commitment to the longevity of the object, which is the ultimate in sustainability. The techniques and construction are the result of a combination of hi tech machining on a CNC machine for the shaping of each panel, and a lo tech approach for assembly, fit and finish.

Like all Thos. Moser products, the Pacific Standing table aims to satisfy a classic yet contemporary aesthetic that can contribute to any environment. The solid black walnut construction gives it visual weight and references its seriousness while the planes connect through a transition that allows for a more streamlined look more suggestive of its integrated function via the available access technology below the surface.

The visible traditional joinery harkens our commitment to precision craft and is a testament to the enduring quality of our work.

We are proud to announce this new table has been selected from over 300 entries as a finalist for the 13th annual Hospitality Design Awards in category Casegoods + Furniture.


  • Pacific Standing Table - 38-3/8”H x 33”W x 79-3/8”L