Park Hyatt Hotel

2010-2015 | Washington, DC

It is a privilege to be a partner with Washington DC’s acclaimed Park Hyatt Hotel. The ongoing relationship extends over many years with the installation of 140 pieces of Moser furniture from the executive board room to the Park Hyatt’s famed Blue Duck Tavern restaurant. The furniture including both standard and custom designs was chosen by the executive management team at the hotel, graces many areas complementing the clean and simplistic décor of the hotel.

Project Specifier

Park Hyatt Hotel

Products Used

Custom Dr. White’s Chest

Custom Edo Dining Chair

Eastward Dining Chair

Catena Side Chair

Newport Chair

Eastward Stool

Bowback Stool

Custom Readers Table

Custom Wing Hall Table

New Century Night Stand

Element Table

Ellipse Table

Rectangular Table


Customer specified dimensions including 32-place communal table

Raised back on standard Edo Dining Chair design